The premise was simple: develop a complete line of pro-quality cosmetics inspired by professional makeup solutions, not only for artists, but for makeup enthusiasts everywhere. In an already over-saturated market, the commitment to innovation in both colour range and texture, as well as concept and selection, sets OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE COSMETICS apart from the rest. After years of artist training and product development for various cosmetic brands, and a career that included editorial, celebrity and commercial work, NYC based makeup artist David Klasfeld took the first steps toward the a lifelong goal with the inception of the first makeup company to celebrate the driving compulsions of makeup fanatics everywhere.

OCC began with only two Lip Balms, Tarred & Feathered, a sheer black and a white respectively, created in response to the dominating natural trend in beauty at a time when even the most neutral of lipsticks was considered too much color. The balms created definition on the lips without adding colour, and acted as an effective introduction to the ingenuity behind the line.

With HD Television quickly becoming the broadcast standard, OCC turned its attention to an emerging professional solution to this new makeup artist challenge: airbrush cosmetics. With the bulk of airbrush product being developed for Special FX and Body Painting, OCC endeavored to create a product that would address the more natural looking needs of Hi-Definition Television. That solution was OCC Skin, a water-based, 100% oil-free liquid makeup that provides a natural looking, real skin finish that is perfect for the intensity of HD, the flash of the camera or daily wear.

While OCC had been a backstage favorite for years, it wasn’t until February of 2009 that the public at large truly took notice. NYC makeup artist Katie Pellegrino joined forces with OCC, taking the company to a new level with the co-creation of an innovative product; an industry secret known only to those behind the scenes. Lip Tar, a true hybrid of lipstick and lip gloss offered complete opacity and a semi-matte, ultra long-wearing texture with the ease of application consumers thirsted after. Available in a range of fashion-forward shades, including vivid, mixable primaries, Lip Tar became known for both versatility and wearability. After being heralded as “the talk of The Makeup Show LA” by WWD and “the next big thing” by Nylon Magazine, Lip Tar was clearly on its way to becoming the most talked about cosmetic product of the new decade. The makeup community had developed a new obsession and OCC made its way into the makeup kits everywhere!

100% Vegan and PETA-Approved, OCC pledges not to use animal-derived ingredients such as Lanolin, Beeswax and Carmine in our products, to raise the bar on what is considered a Cruelty Free cosmetic brand. “Beyond our personal ethics, we simply believe that it’s unnecessary when there are non-animal derived alternatives that are as readily available and equally effective in the formulation of our products,” says company founder David Klasfeld.